Child School Sponsorship Program

Currently we operate a child sponsorship program which provides the finances for children to attend school. Currently we have 60 students in the Charrier area, in our program. For many of these students, due to poor economic conditions, this program provides the only opportunity for these children to attend school. To attend school students must pay for uniforms, books and tuition. For many families this is an extreme hardship. There are no jobs available in this rural mountain community. Most families live off the land. Our program provides a way for these children to be educated.

Some of the children in our program are the result of “restavik” situations. A “restavik” child is one whose family cannot economically take care of their child. So, the family finds another family where the child will live and eat. But in order for food and lodging the child must provide the domestic chores for the family. Folks, this is slavery. It is alive and very common in Haiti. Many times, unfortunately, it results in physical as well as sexual abuse. These children do not have the luxury of attending school. The child’s biological family cannot afford to send them to school and the family they are living with  will not pay to send them to school because they are not their biological children so they are trapped. We desire to target these children.

The cost to sponsor a child is $300.00 per school year. The child is made aware that they are being sponsored. You will receive a yearly photo and letter from your child. Be assured we do not offer the child personal information about their sponsors. All correspondence is done through the mission. Gifts are discouraged, we believe their gift is ultimately, to go to school. For more information on sponsoring a child please contact us.



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