How we got started…

Zacharie & Stevie visiting needy families in local mountain villages in 2012…

New Life Children’s Home began as a vision from Zacharie, our mission director, when he was just a little boy.

New Life Children’s Home began as a vision from Zacharie, our mission director, when he was a little boy. Zacharie’s father died when he was 7 years old. His mother was unable to provide for her 9 children on her own. As a result Zacharie had to live with another family. In order to “earn his keep” he had to do all the cooking, cleaning, and caring for their children. He was unable to attend school and remembers not being able to go out to play in the evenings because he always had so much work to do. Children who are orphaned in Haiti are many times sent to live with other families.  Many are forced into slave labor conditions and never have the opportunity to attend school or go to church or be just children. They never get to feel the true love of a parent. These children are many times referred to as “Restaveks.” We hope by opening New Life Children’s Home we can do our part to raise orphaned children in a loving home where they can grow up with the hope of a future. Where they can learn to be confident in themselves and who they are in Christ and realize their potential. Where they can call someone Mama & Papa. And most importantly, where they can learn who their Heavently Father is and how much he loves them.

In 2012, Zacharie and Stevie Estime began doing children’s ministry together in Charrier. The need for a place for orphans became evident to them and they soon began fundraising. Their mutual passion to help the children and for the ministries united them together. They got married in 2013 and purchased land to build the home on their honeymoon!

New Life Children’s Home Timeline

December 2013 – 2.5 acres purchased

Zacharie & Stevie Estime, purchased the land for the children’s home while they were in Haiti on their honeymoon!

Fundraising for this project begins! Over $100,000 to raise…


A 2-room storage depot is constructed as the first building on the property!


We add the finishing touches to the home, and add an outdoor pavilion to serve as a cafeteria/ gathering place.


A Security wall is built around the property


We reach out fundraising goal the same week we are about to travel down to Haiti to break ground for the children’s homne!

Zacharie, Stevie, & Abraham Estime traveled to Haiti for 4 months to begin construction of the home itself. The children’s home was built by Haitian hands with help from our awesome team members from the United States! It has six bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, as well as an outdoor kitchen. Two bedrooms and a bathroom were built above the storage depot for guests and future teams.


We open our doors…

Zacharie & Stevie Estime moved down to Haiti permanently with their 4 children in January 2019 and invited the first child into the home in February.

Let’s make something together.

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