Meet Our Kids

New Life Children’s Home is currently home to 5 children… Meet our kids!

Claudelson the day he came to us.

Claudelson came to us in February of 2019. He is about 14 years old. His birth certificate states he is 18, but from talking to the people in the community we know he is not that old. His mother and father both died several years ago and he was living with a half sister. His sister had asked us to take him multiple times as she has 3 kids of her own that she also struggles to care for. So when we knew we were opening our doors, he was the first child to come to our minds. After making the decision to open our doors, Zacharie went to visit Claudelson and talk to his sister. After seeing the situation he was in, Zacharie couldn’t bear the thought of leaving him in it one more day. He didn’t have a bed to sleep in or even a grocery bag to keep his clothes in, resulting in the cows chewing up all his belongings. So from that day on, he was ours. It’s been a roller coaster ride, for each of us. Adjusting has been difficult some days.  He’s practically been without parental guidance for quite some time and needs extra attention and care to guide him in correct behaviors. But he has a big heart and is eager to learn. After years of neglect, Claudelson has obvious learning disabilities, so we have hired him a private teacher. We ask for your prayer for this sweet boy, especially for his education.

Renelson’s first day with us,

Renelson, 14 came to us in October 2019. One day, about a month earlier, Zacharie came home to find a little boy climbing our dump truck outside the gate, trying to see over the walls. He asked him what he was doing and he responded with, “Does it cost money to live here.” Zacharie’s heart instantly broke open for this little boy, and he asked him who he was, where he was from. He was covered with dirt from head to toe and his clothes were turned inside out, a common sign that there is no money to buy soap to clean their clothes. He said that he was an orphan, but we told him he needed to come back with a family member or guardian to be able to see if we could bring him in. After over 3 weeks of asking people if they knew where he was, we finally saw him walking in the street. He told Zacharie he was going to his sister’s house so she could come talk to us. Hours later he returned with his 17 year old half sister. He had walked several miles to her house to ask her to come with him. She confirmed that he was an orphan and that he was living with his grandfather’s second wife who really didn’t pay much mind to him.  While we talked with them, Renelson kept interrupting and pleading to us to let him stay, that he would follow all the rules and be a “good kid.” After much discussion, we told him that we would be happy to have him stay with us and the next morning he promptly arrived at 630 AM with all his belongings. His first question was, “when can I start school?” And he is by far a “bon timoun” (good kid).

Bruno when he first came to us.

Bruno joined our family in June of 2019 at 14 years old. Both his parents died several years ago and he had been living with an uncle since that time. His uncle has several children of his own and struggled to care for Bruno. Bruno’s older brother goes to our church and asked us if we might be able to help. Since the day Bruno came to us, we all felt he was apart of the family. He is a sweet, caring soul who loves to go to church. He’s also very smart and finished at the top of his class last year. He loves to help others and make people laugh. We are so thankful God brought him to us. Bruno turns 16 in March 2021

Asmalie & Pedline when they came to us.
Asmalie & Pedline

Asmalie, 8 & Pedline, 9 are cousins who were living with their grandmother in a nearby town. They came to us in late September 2019. Their grandmother had 5 grandchildren in her care that she was barely able to provide 1 meal a day. She came to us and explained how these two girls were orphans and been with her from very young ages. Asmalie has a chronic illness and needed to find better care. Pedline’s hair was discolored and her cheeks hollowed from malnutrition. It was evident that we needed to bring them in. From the moment they joined us, they have acted like they have been with us their whole lives. They’re both so sweet and spunky, and we are so excited to watch them grow.

*We are a certified orphanage through Haitian Social Services (IBESR). All of our children were orphans before coming to us. *

We’ve had many parents try to give us their child. Many orphanages in Haiti are full of children that have 1 or 2 living parents. We have committed to not being a “part of the problem” and only take in true orphans. That being said, we would like to point out that many parents in Haiti give their children to orphanages because they feel they will be better taken care of, not because they do not want their child. We hope to one day have programs to assist families who struggle to care for their children. Please join us in prayer as the Lord guides us in how to carry that out.

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