Meet Our Kids

We are a certified orphanage through Haitian Social Services (IBESR). All of our children were orphans before coming to us. That being said, w are currently working on becoming legal guardians for each of the children therefore we will no longer hold a orphanage certificate and will not be bringing in any more children.

We’ve had many parents try to give us their child. Many orphanages in Haiti are full of children that have 1 or 2 living parents. We have committed to not being a “part of the problem” and only took in true orphans when we begun. That being said, we would like to point out that many parents in Haiti give their children to orphanages because they feel they will be better taken care of, not because they do not want their child. We hope to one day have programs to assist families who struggle to care for their children. Please join us in prayer as the Lord guides us in how to carry that out.

New Life Children’s Home is home to 5 children… Meet our kids!

Claudelson & Zacharie, February 2019

Claudelson came to us in February of 2019. In September 2021 Claudelson turned 14. He loves animals, gardening, watching movies and going on runs.

Claudelson, Fall of 2021
Renelson, October 2019

Renelson came to us in October 2019. In December of 2021 he turned 15 years old. He loves listening to music, gardening and watching movies.

Renelson, Fall of 2021

Asmalie & Pedline, September 2019
Asmalie & Pedline

Asmalie & Pedline are cousins that came to us in September 2019. Asmalie is now 9 and Pedline is 10. They both love listening to music, dancing, jumping on the trampoline, and watching movies. Asmalie is shy and sweet. Pedline is tiny but mighty!

Asmalie, Fall of 2021
Pedline, Fall of 2021

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