New Life Mission Children’s Home

New Life Children’s Home, a ministry of New Life Mission – Haiti, Inc., is a home for true orphans in Charrier, Artibonite, Haiti. We focus on raising the children to be responsible, educated, and Christ-centered beings. We want the kids to feel they are a part of a family and not living in an institution. We strive to make each child feel loved, known, and heard. Our mission directors live directly behind the children’s home property and they are “Mommy & Papi” to all the kids in the home.  Learn more about how we got started here: How We Got Started 

We currently have 5 children. You can learn more about our kids here: Meet Our Kids

We currently employ 10 staff including: Our head cook, Antas; Our Assistant Cook/Cleaning aid, Assi; Our Gran “Grandma,” Madamn Vide; Our Live-in Male house parent, Chenet, Live-in Female house parent, Eloude; Two laundry aides, Yez & Eline; A daytime & nighttime guard, Fedicale & Gaspa; and a private teacher, Juiduit. 

We have enough room to bring in up to 10 children. We are currently working with a social worker to become a recognized/certified children’s home in Haiti and therefore are not bringing in any more children until this process is complete.


With the children’s needs always growing and changing, and our property always needing maintenance work or updating we are ALWAYS in need of funding. If you feel led, Join us as a monthly sponsor or give toward New Life Children’s Home here: Give To New Life Children’s Home

One BIG family!
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