Meet our team

Zacharie & Stevie Estime

New Life Mission Haiti – Inc. Haitian Directors

Zacharie & Stevie met when Stevie went to Haiti for a one week trip with Cindy in 2011. They became friends, but never thought they’d meet again. However, after college graduation, Stevie returned to Haiti for a 4 month trip to teach english to the children in Charrier. Zacharie was her translator over that time. Soon into the trip, Stevie & Zacharie were drawn together by their passion for children’s ministry. Both had lost their fathers at young ages. So in their different countries yet similar family situations, they both witnessed firsthand, the struggles of a single parent home and the challenges it can cause.  Their hearts go out to the many children in Haiti who grow up in like scenarios whether with one parent or without any.

Zacharie & Stevie are the Haitian director of New Life Mission – Haiti, Inc. and “mom and dad” to not only their kids but to the children of New Life Children’s’ Home.  They have 3 biological children: Abraham, Moses & Liza. They are also in the process of adopting Katheline, the girl you see in the photo. They live in Haiti full time and their home sits directly behind the children’s home.

Our Staff In Haiti

We currently have 11 staff members in Haiti. We have a full time, live in cook, Antas. Assi is our full time assistant cook. Yez and Erline both work part time doing laundry. We have 2 full time, live in house parents at the children’s home, Chenet & Erloude. We have both a full time evening and nighttime guard, Feliker & Gaspa. We have a part time teacher/tutor, Juidit. We have a social worker that visits weekly. We also employ at child psychologist that works with the children 2x/month. We consider ourselves blessed to have such wonderful employees.

We provide health insurance and savings programs for our employees.

Some of our awesome staff!

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