January & February Mission Trips – 2016

January and February we hosted six different mission teams. Thank you all for your hard work as you came and worked sided by side with our Haitian friends to begin construction on the Children’s Home. It was extremely hard work. Each step in the construction process was done by hand, from digging the foundation, to mixing cement, to filling in the foundation with gravel, mixing cement on the ground, carrying cement and water in five gallons buckets, we were all hot, tired and sore, but in a good way, as we were able to connect with our brothers and sisters in Christ as we worked together. New friendships were made and old ones were built even stronger.

God is awesome as he provided the energy we needed to continue to move forward. When we began January 11’th, it was just bare land. Now the walls are up on both the Children’s Home and the second floor on top of the depo.

The septic system is being dug. That hole is immense, 20 feet deep, all by hand. It was amazing.

The electrician and plumber are at work running the electrical wires and installing the bathrooms.

The tile is laid in the sleeping rooms and bathroom above the depo and The Estime’s will be ready to move in there possibly by next week.

The roof was poured on the depo and before you know it the roof will be poured on the Children’s Home.

The kitchen is beginning to be constructed.

This has been an amazing and exciting project. All our hopes and dreams coming true. We serve an awesome God and give Him all the credit, honor and glory.

Again thank you all for coming to visit Haiti. By bringing all your gifts and talents together you made this a possiblity. I am forever grateful.

Cynthia Zimmerman

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