Haiti in July

So before I leave on a trip a lot of people will ask – what’s the temperature down there right now? Back in the winter it was a perfect 85-90 every day-perfect! But this past week when we were down ..not so much ! It was 95 or hotter every day with the humidity feeling like you couldn’t breathe! Hence why we don’t normally go to Haiti this time of year!

But the funny thing is, the whole team barely noticed it! Yes we sometimes pulled our fans out to cool off and we went out for cold drinks more than once but honestly I did not hear a single complaint! That really put my attitude into check while we were down and I was thankful for such an awesome team! It was a small team but we had so much fun together, got a lot done, and had the time to spend quality time with the Haitians. Which in my opinion is the most important thing we did while we were down! Because if we don’t take the chance to make friends with the people we say we are trying to help, we’re never going to make a difference in the community. But this team did and I really appreciated that.

IMG_3408 (1)

Left to right – Zacharie Estime, Stevie Estime, Josh Kirman, Jodi Kirman, Cindy Zimmerman & Abraham Estime, Denelle Diehl, Ruth Burkholder

As I said we got A LOT done on the trip! We were able to hold bible school for the kids with stories like Peter walking on the water… We had the kids paint their feet and walk across paper to imitate as if they were to do it. They got such a kick out of it. We also did the story of Samson and Jesus calling together his disciples. One day during the week we shared with the kids how to find salvation and several of them made the decision to follow Christ! It was so special to share that moment with them!


We fed over 150 kids on the last day of bible school and it was awesome to know each of them were going home with a full belly that night. Sometimes you look at them and you can literally see the hunger in their eyes. It breaks your heart in two. It always makes me giggle when I see them running out the doors after they’re finished. They are always crazy and giddy and simply acting like kids should after they have that full meal. It’s a reminder for me to pray for the days where there is nothing to eat and for strength in those times.

We also took time to paint the depot at the Children’s Home. It was several hours of work but we had a great group of Haitians and Americans working along side each other, and we got the job done quickly! I love it when you see the teams work right with the Haitians and learning the way they do things as well as taking the time to talk with them, even if it is mostly hand gestures and head nods! I know how much they appreciate it and I really do too. Thank you again to an awesome team!

And yes Cindy is standing on a barrel … it’s Haiti approved 😉

One day we visited the prison in Mirebalias. There were almost 400 prisoners in 13 cells. We were able to take them a treat of juice and bread along with personal hygiene supplies such as soap, shampoo, toothbrushes and toothpaste. Thank you all for your generous donations for the prisoners. We were told that 2 of the prisoners, that have been released, accepted Jesus as their Savior in prison. Since their release they have moved back into the community and continue to lead churches. God is on the move. – written by Cindy Z.

Our next team will leave in 3 weeks to work on our Child Sponsorship program. They were hand out shoes and school supplies to the children in our program as well as pay tuition to the schools where the children attend. Please pray for them as they serve.

THANK YOU! for your prayers, support, and love – we feel it and are so excited for the work God is doing in Charrier, Haiti.

PS – Also just a reminder that our big fundraiser for the children’s Home is coming up!



There will be a gooood Lancaster county chicken meal, raffle prizes, and line dancing – you surely don’t want to miss it! Click the HoedownforHaiti_2016 link under the picture to download the invite and purchase your tickets! Hope to see you there!!

Also you can purchase tickets online here – https://www.eventbrite.com/e/hoedown-for-haiti-2016-tickets-26390010231?aff=es2

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