September 2016 Team


Continued Construction of New Life Children’s Home

God is amazing. To think last year our vision to build this orphanage was just that. And now as you can see in the photo above, progress has been made. We have 2 storage rooms with 2 sleeping rooms and a bathroom above. The Children’s Home has 6 bedrooms with 3 bathrooms. The kitchen is behind the house. The security wall is being finished. Our next project is to build a pavilion where the children can eat and we can hold programs for them. Because of the hot climate, homes are built with outdoor living in mind. Our goal is to open our doors the end of 2017. Please continue to pray for us.

Mirbalias Prison

We visited the prison in Mirbalias. There are 13 cells with almost 400 men and women. We were able to take them a treat of bread and juice. We prayed and shared the gospel. The warden told us 2 of the men that were released, found Jesus while in the prison. They returned to their communities and now began ministries within their own hometowns. It was encouraging to hear of some fruit from our labor. It is very humbling to witness the conditions there. Please pray for the inmates, that hearts will be changed.

Child Sponsorship Program

Currently we have 56 children participating in our child sponsorship program. This program provides the funding for a child to attend school. It pays for their tuition, books and uniforms. In Haiti, education is not sponsored by the government. For a child to go to school may cause a family great economic hardship. Children are unable to attend when families do not have the means to pay the fees. There are no laws governing that a child must go to school. So for many if you cannot afford schooling, your child simply does not go to school. We feel education is an important key in helping to eradicate poverty. We are happy to say that five of our students have graduated from high school this past year.

We want to thank each and every one of you who donated backpacks, shoes and school supplies for the children that participate in our child sponsorship program. School began September 12th and everyone was prepared. You have blessed each and everyone of these children.

This year, each child is sponsored. Photos were taken of the children and each child wrote their sponsor a letter. Of course most had to be interpreted. Look for them to come in snail mail to you soon.

Click below for an update with more pictures!


Thank You all for your prayers and support!

Cindy Zimmerman

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