Hello Dear Friends, 

It has been too long since we have posted an update and we appreciate the folks who have reached out to us to ask how things are going or how you can help Haiti right now.

For many years our mission would bring teams down to Haiti and take a day while they were there to feed the community. It was always a fun time to connect with our neighbors as well as an opportunity to bless their families with a hot meal. Since teams have been unable to go down to Haiti for quite some time, this has not happened very often over the last 5 years.


Last week we were so happy to have Zacharie’s mom (known as Mama or Madam Vide to many of you) join us here in the states for a visit. We were sitting down talking with her and she expressed her sadness to see the level of suffering that is going on in our community. With the continued gang violence and lack of government intervention affecting every aspect of life in Haiti, many are struggling to find at least one meal on a daily basis. Yes, this has always been a problem in Haiti, but we feel that Haiti has reached an all new level of suffering. 

**Here is a YouTube video that gives a fairly good job of giving an update on the current situation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7imyUw1z6s. Please note that it is difficult to pick a perfect video that encompasses all the issues**

So how can we best help our community right now?

 We believe that providing meals to our community would be the greatest way to provide aid and hope during this current crisis. 

We are calling it the “Loaves & Fishes Feeding Program.” 

Our current fundraising goal is to raise $8,100 to be able to feed about 300 people a week for 3 months. Would you consider giving toward this program? 

You can give online here:  

*Click the bottom green button New Life Mission – Haiti to see the Loaves and Fishes Feeding Program option.

Or through the mail: New Life Mission – Haiti, Inc. , 420 E. Fulton Street, Ephrata, PA 17522 (please attach a note stating it is for the “Loaves & Fishes Feeding Program.”)

All funds raised will go toward this program. We plan to purchase as much food and supplies from local vendors as we can to support our community through the program. We also want to state that because of insecurity and issues with supplies there may be weeks that we are unable to have the meal and we will continue as the Lord allows. 

Thankfully we serve a God who still performs miracles. Would you join us in praying for this program that it would inspire hope and the food would be miraculously multiplied each week.

Thank you all for your continued support,

Zacharie & Stevana Estime

New Life Mission – Haiti, Inc. Directors

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