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So, Zacharie and I met when I was on a one week trip with Cindy to Haiti in 2011, little did I know that I would return in 2012 and stay for 4 months where we would meet again. Very soon into that trip God revealed to me that his plans for me in Haiti were much larger than I ever anticipated. I had no idea I was meeting my husband. Zacharie and I were drawn together from the start when we realized we shared a very similar dream and that was to reach out to children. You see, Zacharie and I both lost our fathers at the age of 7. Zacharie’s mother was left with 9 children to raise on her own and my mother with 5. So in our different countries yet similar family situations, we both witnessed firsthand, the struggles of a single parent home and the challenges it can cause.  Our hearts go out to the many children in Haiti who grow up in like scenarios whether with one parent or without any.  A lot of these kids are sent to live with another family because their own cannot provide for them. Many are forced into slave labor like conditions and never have the opportunity to even go to school or feel the true love of a parent. We feel that God is calling us to return to Haiti to help these kids. We want to raise them in a loving home where they can grow up with hopes of a future. We want them to learn to be confident in themselves and help them realize their potential. We hear God telling us to rise up leaders in Haiti who are proud of their country. We hear God telling us to teach these children about his never ending love for them.

So here is our vision – to build a children’s home in Charrier. We were recently blessed with the opportunity to purchase about 2.5 acres about a mile down the road from Zacharie’s Momma’s house and New Life mission’s mission house. We have begun fundraising and hope to open up New Life Mission’s children’s home before the end of next year. The financial needs are great, but let me emphasize how more importantly your prayers are for us. One of my favorite verses is Mark 9:23 which says, “All things are possible for him who believes.” We know that our dreams are big but we also know that our God is bigger. Zacharie and I can both say we have clearly received this calling from the Lord therefore we BELIEVE that he will provide. So please pray for us that we do not lose faith throughout this whole process and that we are patient in waiting for His timeline. You know it’s funny, God has already shown us in what may seem little, but truly are huge ways that he is going to show us so much along the way. Recently, the flower girl in our wedding turned 10 years old. And when I received her birthday party invitation in the mail it read, “Instead of presents this year, I’m asking you to bring donations to give to Haiti. Our friends Stevie and Zacharie are moving to Haiti and starting an orphanage. So I’m giving them my birthday money to help them.” Her mother told me she had no prompting and told her that this was all that she wanted. I well up with tears every time I tell that story. Then 2 weeks ago I had a patient at the hospital that is battling what has been a long journey with brain cancer. A coworker of mine informed her of our plans to return to Haiti. She then, without question, asked me for an address as to where she could send a check. She told me that she has been so richly blessed in her life and wants to give as much as she can away before she passes. The same lady whose husband had also died several years earlier from cancer was telling me how richly blessed she has been. Needless to say, he will be glorified through all of this. A lot of details have been left today and there is still a lot of planning to do. So if you have any questions please feel free to ask! My email is . We’re so excited to see the ways in which God is going to make this dream come alive. So please join us on our prayer journey and walk along side us as we hope to live out the plans he lays ahead of us.

With Love! Stevie Estime

Stevie + Zac Wedding  (335 of 877)

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