Happy Spring!

Hello friends and family! Happy Spring!

We’re excited to be emailing you from Charrier because we have WiFi! Crazy, right?! Especially for those that have been down here with us before this seems impossible, I’m sure. But God had his hand in it all and as always, what seems impossible is possible with him! In the past, to send an email update I’d have to wait till we were spending time at a resort to utilize their WiFi. I’d always spend my time worrying about getting it done instead of truly relaxing with the family. But not any more! J Our town had never had public power before. Every politician running office dangled it in front of citizens in order to get votes, but no one ever made it happen before now. Currently, they are not charging people to use the power. They mostly give it during the day and it does go on and off frequently. We, among maybe 10 other people in our community, paid to have a meter installed, so we anticipate to have to start paying in the near future – probably once the next election starts if you catch my drift! We also installed 3 solar panels in order to supplement the power in the evenings. This is saving us a ton of money on gas and allows this pregnant Mama to run fans all night! We plan to add additional solar panels in the future as the 3 panels is only enough power to run our house and a refridgerator for a couple of hours. So we are now able to better stay connected with y’all! Thank YOU Jesus!


Zacharie, along with wonderful friends from our community, have spent many hours in the mission garden this spring. Last year we planted lime and grapefruit trees and it’s been exciting to watch them come up this spring. They recently planted additional citrus trees along with hot peppers and yucca root. This winter the garden provided us with endless amounts of plantains, something we eat quite often here. Rainy season is upon us and we’re excited for what that means for the gardens!


LOTS of plantain and banana trees!




Grapefruit Tree

Speaking of water… please pray we can find someone soon to dig a well for us. You may remember that we had a well hand dug 2 years ago. Unfortuanetly, we had to fill that well in as we hit salt water and the location of the well proved to be unsafe location for a property with so many children running around. With the process of hand dug wells being so dangerous and taking so much time, we have decided to seek out a business or organization to dig one for us. Please pray we can make this happen soon! We are all pretty tired of carrying buckets!

It’s mango season in Haiti! Which means eating mangoes and drinking mango juice 24/7. But we’re not complaining!


Thank you all for your prayers over Claudelson, the first child to join us at New Life Children’s Home. It has been so fun to watch him experiencing new things – like eating cupcakes and doing Easter egg hunts J A prayer request we have for him is that school/learning will come easier to him. After years of no formal education, it’s very difficult for him to sit and focus. He will not pass this year, and we have discussed hiring a tutor for him over the summer. We ask that you join us in prayer as we consider our options. We anticipate 2-4 more boys to join us this summer after the school year ends, depending on how a couple things work out. We are also still searching for a full time female house parent. Please pray over the children’s home with us as we strive to carry out God’s will for these kids and fill our staff needs with people that wish to do the same.



We will be adding 2 bedrooms and a bathroom on top of the cafeteria.

With plans of several children joining us being boys, we are realizing the need for separate living quarters if a girl were to come to us. Haitian social services require certain distance between male and female sleeping areas therefore we will be constructing 2 rooms and a bathroom above our cafeteria. The iron has already been laid and we are now waiting on cements blocks to be delivered to begin the walls. Then we will finish with a tin roof.



I, Stevie, was in the states for a short trip on April 14-18. I was on a mission to bring our family dog, Miley, to Haiti! It was always a dream to have her here with us, but I never knew how I would make it possible. After several failed attempts and outrageous quotes provided by professional shippers, I began to lose hope. However, when friends of ours recommended Missionary Flights International, we found a way! This is the organization we use to have a mailing/shipping address. So I got in late on Sunday night and was en route to MFI’s headquarters in Fort Pierce, FL by Tuesday afternoon. I then flew out to Haiti with Miley early on Thursday morning. It was too quick of a trip home but I’m very thankful that it went just as planned. The whole family has enjoyed having her here with us, and for me, she makes Haiti feel a little more like home.


We are excited to have a team of 5 people coming next week with Cindy. They will help us do some painting and maintainence projects on the children’s home property. Please pray for safe travels and that we can honor and glorify God together in Haiti during their time here with us.


Our family on Easter Sunday

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your prayers and support for our family! We do not take for granted how much the Lord has blessed us on this journey. Everyone has been healthy and happy. And we are all anxious to meet baby GIRL Estime at the end of July!

With every passing day, Haiti feels more and more like “home.”


Declare His glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples. 1 Chronicles 16:24



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