Finally sharing an update!

Hello All!

Let me first share our apologies for the lack of recent updates! Our computer crashed back in May. And then our iPad froze up. And then my (stevie) cell phone went on the fritz as well! It was a very discouraging & frustrating week! Therefore we weren’t able to send an update! Luckily the computer & phone have been replaced, and the iPad has been unfrozen! Praise Jesus! Also, I want to say sorry to those who sent me their email back in January to add you to our contact list. I only realized today that I updated the contacts to the wrong email!


We are happy to share that we added another member to the family at the end of June. Bruno is 14 years old and such a sweet young man. His father and mother both died several years ago and he was living with an uncle that was struggling to care for him on top of providing for his own children. Bruno is a very smart and mature for his age and was the top of his class in school this past year. He loves to lend a helping hand in any task. He even planted his own little garden, one of his favorite pastimes. He is getting along well with Claudelson but they of course already bicker like brothers. Claudelson continues to learn and grow but still requires extra attention to help him focus on improving his behavioral issues. We appreciate your prayers as we work with him on this. He really is a great kid with a big heart, and it breaks my heart that he was neglected for so long before he came to us. Zacharie and I frequently remind each other of this to get through the tough days! 

Zacharie was recently nominated as a deacon at our church. He is very proud, as it is the church that his father started before his passing when Zacharie was 7 years old. He has taken a special interest in the youth of our church. He has youth group with them every other Sunday. Antas, Zacharie’s oldest sister, has also recently started a chorus group with the youth that meets every Wednesday & Saturday. These activities are not only encouraging the students in their walk with Christ but also keeping them off the streets, where so many kids fall into temptation in Haiti. We are honored to be apart of such a great congregation of believers. On Sunday, July 21 we were finally able to move into our house! Our entire church came over after the service and spent time in prayer and singing over our house and family. It was a very special time. Church has become a very big part of our lives and we go to services every Wednesday, Friday & Sunday. I am always blown away by how I leave each service feeling lighter and at peace. It is such a blessing to watch my children dance with the other kids and sing solos (yes Solos!) In front of the church! Abe marched to the front of the church last Sunday and took the microphone from the pastor and sang an entire song in creole. It was a very proud parent moment! As for Moses, when it was his turn he sang “We will, we will, ROCK you!” Which was a moment we’ll never forget, that’s for sure! 

We recently hired two more staff for the children’s home. Elude is 23 years old and she is from Montrious. She serves as our female house parent. We are anticipating 2-3 more children to be joining us in the near future so the extra hands will be very helpful! She has a quiet soul but takes her job very seriously and leads the kids well. We are excited to continue to get to know her and watch her grow in her role with us. We also hired Madamn Vide, Zacharie’s mother, on part time. She serves as a support staff in helping in the kitchen and with the children, but her biggest role is being “Gran” to all the kids. Our goal is to make these children feel apart of a family and Madamn Vide is amazing at showing & sharing Christ’s love to each of the kids. One way she does this is spending time in prayer & singing with the children every day at noon. I, love to sit outside the door and listen to them each take turns praying aloud and choosing songs to sing. As parents, Zacharie and I have always talked about how we would strive to turn our children, biological and not, into passionate Jesus followers. So we are so grateful for Madamn Vide’s special interest in each child’s relationship with God. 


Prayer & Singing time with Gran!


Microfinancing is a term used to describe financial services, like loans, to small business owners or individuals who lack traditional banking services. It was always a dream of the New Life Mission – Haiti, Inc. to be able to begin providing micro financing loans here in Charrier but had to wait till we had someone here full time to carry it out. We are elated to share that we have begun this program and have already provided two loans to small business owners in our community. One to a young mother down the street who has a successful snack shop and another to a trustworthy man that has a charcoal making business. They have been committed so far and we are excited to see this program grow and build up our community. 


We are looking forward to having two teams come to serve in August. They will focus their time on the school sponsorship program which sends 60+ children to school each year – including tuition, uniform, and books. Last year 4 children from our program graduated which is a huge deal in Haiti. There is a large percentage of children in Haiti who do not find the opportunity to go to school AND finish so it is very exciting to watch these kids persevere to the end!


Baby Girl Estime is due to arrive TODAY, July 24! Please join us in prayer as we await her arrival  and hope for a smooth delivery without complications. We will be delivering at a local hospital called Albert Shweitzer in DeChapelle which is about 35-45 minutes away. Fun Fact, the person who founded the hospital is originally from Pittsburgh!


Thank you for your continuous prayers and support of our family. We are planning to come home for 4-6 weeks in the beginning of October. We would love to come and share our journey with your church or small group so please contact us! The 5th annual Hoedown for Haiti will be held on October 19, 2019 in Ephrata to raise money for New Life Chidlren’s Home! We will send more information out soon on how to purchase tickets! This event has sold out almost every year so be sure to get your tickets ahead! We love you all and thank you for taking the time to read this update and 

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Click here to support New Life Children’s Home, the Estime Family or another one of  New Life Mission – Haiti, Inc.’s other ministries. 

OR donations can be made/sent to “New Life Mission – Haiti, Inc.” at 420 East Fulton Street, Ephrata, PA 17522.

Many Blessings to you all,

Zacharie, Stevie, Katheline, Abe & Moses

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