An Unexpected Season

A Note from our Directors – Greetings from PA. That’s right, we’re still in Pennsylvania. When we came stateside in September of 2021 we had planned to stay for 10 weeks. During those 10 weeks the safety situation in Haiti worsened and our ability to travel back to Haiti with our 3 small children seemed impossible. We were tormented by the decision between risking the safety of our children here versus continuing to be away from our precious children in Haiti, including our oldest daughter Katheline whose adoption is still in process. Then, to our surprise, in January we found out we were expecting a baby (due in late September 2022). Though it was a surprise, it was the confirmation we needed. We knew that because we live so remotely and traveling is so risky in Haiti, we would be unable to travel back until after the baby is born. So at this time, we plan to re-evaluate our ability to travel in January of 2023. 

From the beginning, we have been crying out to God and asking “why?” If we feel so led to be in Haiti then why are we experiencing this road block? Slowly but surely, as he often does, the Lord has revealed to us his purpose and goodness in this unexpected season. We have been blessed by dear friends who have welcomed us into their home like family and loved our children like their own. We found an amazing Christian school for Abraham to continue his schooling. Zacharie was able to find work with a Haitian friend who allows him to travel whenever he needs (he has been back to Haiti twice by himself to take care of things). We have also found opportunities to grow in our marriage, as missionaries, as a mission alongside our board, and as individuals – in many ways that we didn’t even know we needed. Though we continue to have this unsettled feeling of “this isn’t our home,” God has begun to give us a peace that surpasses the understanding that we felt we so desperately needed.


The microfinancing loan program continues to flourish, and we are happy to report that we recently added a new loan recipient to the program. His name is Roberto and he has a filtered drinking water business in our community. This was a great need for our small town as before people in Charrier had to travel several miles away to purchase clean drinking water. Roberto sells 5-gallon jugs of filtered water as well as refills them. We were happy to provide him a loan and are excited to see how he grows his business with this financial assistance.

The Medical Clinic as of Fall 2021

Medical Clinic  – Due to the Estime’s absence, the construction of the medical clinic has been delayed. We continue to be in the final stages and currently have a contractor working on laying ceramic throughout the facilities. After this step, we will apply the final coats of paint and finish the electrical work. We are thankful to be almost done with this construction project and are very excited as we look forward to opening the doors to the clinic. This is such a great need for our community. Please join us in prayer as we finish construction and prepare to move forward.

Child Sponsorship Program – It has been 10 years since the school sponsorship’s inception, and we are so excited for another chance to support the children in our community. It has been an incredible blessing to not only watch so many children have the chance to receive an education, but also to witness the joy and relief of the parents whose children are in the program. We want to extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who sponsors a child. We would also like to share that we always have a wait list of children in need of sponsors. If you are interested in sponsoring a child to go to school for $380 per year, please reach out to us through phone or email for more information. 

Emmanuel, Age 6, his first year in the program
Emmanuel, Age 15, his 9th year in the program.

New Life Children’s Home – We have gone through a tough couple months at New Life Children’s Home. The children at the home have greatly missed the presence of the Estime family. Our amazing staff have taken great care of our kids, but you all know that there is no one like Mom and Dad. Also, we believe that being transparent is important to be able to maintain the integrity of our mission. That being said, we need to share with you that we had to transition one of our kids, Bruno, back to living with extended family members. Unfortunately, Bruno made poor decisions and his actions made it impossible for him to continue to live at the Children’s Home. It was a very difficult decision to make, and we appreciate your prayers moving forward. We have been praying and asking God to give us clarity on how to best support and mentor Bruno even from afar and we would greatly appreciate it if you would join us in lifting this up in prayer. 

We would like to also share that our other children have almost completed the school year and are looking forward to summer vacation. We are thankful for their continued good health and we have been so impressed by their patience and kindness in this season of changes and transition. Zacharie hopes to make a trip to Haiti sometime this summer. Please join us in prayer over all the children.  

A grainy photo of the kiddos dressed for school.

A Note from our Board President

Thank you for your support of the work in Haiti through your generosity to New Life Mission. Ministry in Haiti has been complicated by the Covid-19 pandemic and the current instability of the government. Because of concern for their safety, the Estime’s have extended their stay in the States and lead the mission from here. Unexpected travel expenses and Covid testing for travel along with the expense of living in the States has increased demand on their finances. Our goal is to work with the Estime’s to raise an annual income that covers living expenses, provides for their medical and dental needs, and enables them to save for the unexpected as well as retirement. We would ask you to prayerfully consider making a contribution to the Estime’s support. One-time gifts are greatly appreciated, and regular monthly support would be helpful to establish a working budget. When you send your financial gifts, indicate if it is a recurring monthly contribution or a one-time gift. Checks can be made out to New Life Mission and sent to 420 E Fulton Street, Ephrata, PA 17522 or donations be made through our website Make sure to designate your gift for “Estime’s support”. Thank you for your prayers and generosity.  

Another way to support the Estime family – Our dear friend and owner of Cocalico Coffee Crafters, Rachel Elliot, has designed these beautiful shirts to benefit our family’s mission work in Haiti. The shirts say “Si Bondye Vle” which is a common saying in Haitian Creole that means “if God wants.” By using this phase, Haitians daily dedicate their every action and intentions to the Lord. If you are interested in purchasing a shirt, please visit

SAVE THESE DATES for our upcoming fundraisers : 

July 9 @ 10AM – Chicken BBQ fundraiser to benefit the children’s home at Cocalico Coffee Crafters – 11 Long Ave, Ephrata.  (Along 272, beside Four Seasons Produce) 

September 9 @ 7:30PM – Penn Cinema Drive-In Fundraiser 

October 15 – The 2022 Hoedown for Haiti will be held at the Copper Horse Barn in Ephrata.   

Thank you all so much…for reading this, for praying for us, for giving financially…your support means probably more than you know. 

Happy Summer! Blessings to you and your families! 

Zacharie & Stevie Estime 

New Life Mission Haiti – Inc. Haitian Directors 

420 E Fulton Street, Ephrata PA 17522



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