Looking back on 2021

I think it’s safe to say that these last two years have been almost unbelievable in many ways. From the pandemic starting in January 2020 to Haiti’s president’s assassination in July 2021, life feels almost like a blur of hard times and difficult circumstances.

Yet intertwined with those hardships we’ve created some beautiful memories and have had several exciting plans and dreams come to fruition – and we hope that you and your family can find the beauty and growth from these past 2 years as well. Learning to appreciate the small accomplishments or blips of happiness during hard times is not an easy feat, but when I’m struggling I almost always look to John 16:33 that says

“I have told you these things so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. BUT TAKE HEART! I have overcome the world.”

We at New Life Mission – Haiti, Inc. want to express out deepest gratitude to our Heavenly Father. If you speak any Haitian Creole than you have probably know the phrase “Si Bondye vle” which means “If God wants.” It is a phrase you will hear said in Haiti a hundred times a day if not more. When you say “I’ll see you tomorrow” to someone you would not say it without adding “If God wants” to the end of the phrase. It has always been something that has stuck out to me. For a long time I found it to be silly, almost dramatic, until I lived there long enough to understand its significance. The amount of credit and glory our Haitian family and friends give to God for every single aspect of their lives is incredible. And we want it to be known that though we have so much appreciation for our supporters , we give all the glory to our God for the work that he has had us help carry out in Haiti.

Some highlights from our year that we would love to share with you…

  • Our School Sponsorship program has helped pay for 74 children go to school and university. The program pays each child’s entire tuition, helped to buy uniforms, and provided school supplies.
This is Emmanuel, He has been in the program since its inception and is now in the 7th grade.
  • The Microfinancing program provided 6 small business loans to people in our community. Several of the participants are people who finished their repayment and were granted a new loan to further grow their businesses.
The small store of one of our loan receivers.
  • At the Children’s Home we became a certified “orphanage/foster home” by Haitian social services which is not an easy feat in Haiti. The children began to see a child psychologist about 6 months ago and are beginning to work through some of the traumas they each have experienced. Another highlight of this year was adding a health insurance plan and savings programs options for each of our staff. The home is providing 10 jobs: 2 house parents, 2 cooks, 2 guards, 3 people for laundry, and 1 school tutor. This year’s Hoedown was a great success and brought in over $22,000 for the children’s home.
Our Family and some of our staff at the children’s home.
  • The Medical Clinic aka “Cindy’s Clinic” is almost finished with construction. We still need to purchase/lay the ceramic flooring, finish up electrical work, paint, and do a few more cosmetic things – but this project has been completely funded and that is an incredible blessing. We hope to open the doors to the clinic in 2022.
Cindy’s Clinic
  • This year we raised almost $4,000 to provide meals to family’s in need this Christmas season. We were delayed in sending the funds to Haiti, but the families will be receiving their meals on New Years Eve & Day which is a much more celebrated holiday in Haiti.
A photo from our 2020 distribution

This video shows a brief recap of photos and videos from our last year.

We are so excited to see what God has in store for us and for Haiti this upcoming year. Here are some ways you can pray for us:

  1. The Estime family is still stateside as they await a safe opportunity to travel back to Haiti. We believe that God will do this when he sees fit. Pray for us to have patience in the waiting. Living in limbo can be really difficult and we long to return home as soon as possible.
  2. For our kids and loved ones in Haiti to be kept safe, remain healthy, and happy.
  3. For our different ministries to be able to continue even in our absence. We are so thankful to have such amazing staff taking care of things.
  4. For Haiti as a whole. For peace and healing across the country. For the leadership to seek God’s will for this country. Pray for the people who live in unimaginable suffering on a daily basis – for their hope to continue or be restored.

Other ways you can help…

There is always a financial need and we ask you to consider giving to New Life Mission – Haiti, Inc.

You can give online here : https://secure.egsnetwork.com/donate/81C05670E42A4CB

or donations can be made through the mail. Please include a note for what you would like to have your donation go towards.

Thank you all so much…for reading this, for praying for us, for giving financially…your support means probably more than you know.

Blessings to you are your families and Bon Ane! Happy New Year!

420 E. Fulton Street, Ephrata, PA 17522



2 Comments on “Looking back on 2021

  1. Blessings to you. Are you located in Leogane on Route National 2? If so, I have passed your facilities many times. We have a work in Bossier on the other side of Leogane.

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